Events, Awards

In May 2011 the Hungarian Innovation Foundation honoured chocoMe Ltd. with a certificate for “chocoMe’s unique custom-designed hand-made chocolate bars” as a major innovation.


In July 2011 the Golden Blade Award, which is the highest recognition in advertising, was given to chocoMe for its most recent innovation, the chocoMe “secret message machine”– a device that is able to pour emotions into chocolate form.


In June 2011 the Pakk packaging-design competition was organized for the third time. Within the category of “Food products” and the sub-category of “Sweets”, chocoMe won the first prize for its unique package.


On 1st September 2011, we were presented two significant awards in the Parliament of Hungary: the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize, as well as the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize–The Best Prize For Innovation.


In September 2011 with the help of our franchise partner, the production of chocoMe chocolate bars was launched in a chocolate manufacturing company in Adelaide, Australia.


chocoMe was awarded with a HungarianBrands prize in October 2011.